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Been feasting on these until i googled the brandname out of curiosity and the price choked me. Parang ayaw ko na kainin, pa-frame ko na lang. Hehe. Probably the best chocolate i have ever tasted. Well, i have yet to get my hands on a royce, that is. Avail2 din ng designer chocolates pag may time. Haha. #jologs


I just got cursed to be in a relationship with a gay. And the irony is that the one who cursed me is, yes, a gay. And so of course, I cursed him-her back that he-she’ll not just be in a relationship with a girl, but he-she’d get married, raise kids and totally get madly in love with a girl. He-she vomited.

Now more than just crossing my finger, my toes are now crisscrossed with my fingers in my desperate hope that curses don’t work. I can just imagine how awkward it would be to share crushes with your boyfriend.

Anyway, I miss my multiply site. Again, I have this yearning to write tonight and I have issues with too much publicity. I mean, yes, I want to somehow publicize it, but I don’t want it to be too vulgar. So facebook is definitely not an option, not at all. So that is why I decided to make this my temporary blogging site.

I just took a break from transcribing a 30 minute law school class discussion because I seriously felt my head got a life of its own and walked out on me. I felt like I was a headless chicken staring at a netbook. So this “thing” should be very quick. Well, just enough for my head to return and attach itself once again on my neck from its little walk in the park.

So I remember myself writing letters every day for someone. I remember how unconditionally I loved him. And then I remember the other person who made me smile all through the pain, suffering and failures I had in life. And then I think about why am I not with that person.

Well, I munch in more dried peanuts for the hope of hastening the return of took-a-walk-in-the-park brain so that I can stop this nonsense and do something sensible tonight.

But the questions keep flooding in. Badtrip.

The wall around me is three-fold. The wall in my heart is a hundred-fold. I wonder when I would strip myself off these walls and let one lucky asshole in. Again.

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